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A fascinating background.

Tigun Wibisana has traveled world wide in search of the right place to settle down. Many miles of his travels have been covered using his bicycle. Finally settling in Penang has brought to him the peace of mind he had been searching for. Tigun and his wife Sandra created siTigun partially as a pit stop café. A place he would have appreciated bumping into as he made his travels around the globe. A place where, if you want, one can park the bike right next to your table.

Peace of mind.

That’s the other quality that Tigun envisioned for his coffee house. The creation of a social scene that encourages the good things in life: Relaxing, Sharing and most important good Conversation. Great roasted coffee can help bring all of these things to light.

Tigun suggests that you leave your car behind and ride the bicycle over to siTigun café. Enjoy the Heritage Penang Island. siTigun boasts a varied menu of coffee drinks for all tastes and desires. The café is located in the heart of the famous Heritage Nagore. Begin to really enjoy the good bean and the good life at siTigun café.

Si Tigun Cafe

30, Nagore Road,
10050 Penang.
Tel : 04 228 710804 228 7108

Business Hours :

8am to 8pm Tuesday till Thursday
8am to 9pm Friday till Sunday

Closed on Monday

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