Zero Zero Six Eight Restaurant


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Ever tasted an authentic Sze Chuan spicy steamboat? Or even something close enough? Now you have the chance, there’s a restaurant in Nagore Road, run by 2 ladies from China. You can challenge your taste-buds by having all these spicy dishes, you will be amazed by how spicy and aromatic the chilies can up to. Get to know this restaurant via Kwong Wah E-Newspaper few days ago, so apparently they are having this spicy aromatic prawns as their main dish and they are even including it in their name. Glanced through the menu, I was shocked to see that actually there are so many types of Sze Chuan dishes they can cook while having limited ingredients over here (well, it also means that they are importing the ingredients from China mostly).

Zero Zero Six Eight Restaurant

46, Nagore Road,
10050 Penang.
Tel : 04 228 7408

Business Hours :

11.30am to 10pm Daily


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