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With its collection of unique shops, NAGORE SQUARE is a delight, allowing the locals and travelers alike to revel in the aromas of sweets and freshly baked bread, indulge in beauty treatments and spa, dine-in at themed-cafes and restaurants or taking your pets for grooming/pet café and pick up tasty treats at the deli on your way home.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest demand is for deli items and other dining experience which cannot be picked up at other local supermarkets. And office workers have been indulging in trips to confectionary shops here on their way home—finding the NAGORE SQUARE atmosphere more agreeable than crowded department stores. There are also coffee bars serving local Penang coffee and restaurants specializing in various unique and scrumptious culinary spread.

Check out the stores in Nagore Square on our web links above categorize as Food & Beverages, Beauty & Wellness, and other services.

So to bring your dreamscape to life come on over to NAGORE SQUARE and indulge in the things that makes your lifestyle complete and satisfying. After all you only live once!

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