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Is positioned as a lifestyle destination with a mixed use of retail, arts & cultural, F&B and entertainment area along the intersection of Jalan Burmah and Jalan Nagore and stretching up to Jalan Bawasah. The precinct will be a hybrid of indoor and outdoor spaces and showcasing the heritage designs of old world such as the Little Shanghai heritage–amidst the contemporary settings of a functional lifestyle gathering and entertainment center in a shopping/dining village concept. It highlights a lifestyle repositioning, delivering a dynamic urban experience and communal space for gathering and interaction.

NAGORE SQUARE’S building architecture combines sustainable design with concepts that reflect Penang’s heritage and rich landscape. The design incorporates a number of sustainable elements including native landscaping, shading devices and energy-efficient lighting system. The heritage-inspired buildings style is retained and renovated to recover the authentic features on the façade. Designed as the “urban living enclave”, NAGORE SQUARE is transformed into a hub of commercial and social activities connected to the people and its surroundings while reactivating downtown Penang.

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