Getting Into The Spirit of Christmas!

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Yay! This is the season of jingle bells, twinkling lights and overindulgent feasts. Cherish the joyful spirit Christmas festivities with all your family and friends and uncover the hidden gems in the heritage enclave of Nagore Square…the latest lifestyle and entertainment hub in Penang.
Dining out is not just an opportunity to feast on something extravagant but also a chance to unearth and uncover the unique and peculiar shops ‘that abounds in Nagore Square. You might not spot Santa Claus surfing here but you and your family can still savor the many restaurants and chill-out watering holes that will put you in the spirit of Christmas.
Apart from the usual fare of Malaysian, Peranakan, Thai, Western, and Chinese cuisine, namely Nyonya Corner, Nine Thai, Xin Zen Vegetarian, Wu Wei Guan, 0068 Chinese Cuisine, Marshalls Burgers and Golden BBQ Steamboat, you will be pleasantly surprised what the Java Indonesian restaurant can do when they cook up a storm for you with their spicy Javanese treats.

The Hidden Gems

Gem #1


Have you ever thought of giving your pets a night out in town!

Yes, you can!  At Bone Appetit, your pets will be treated like royalty in this special concept pet’s wonderland. Or take them to Everypawdy Pets Centre to shop for that treat you always wanted for your feline friends.

Gem #2

Let your beauty bloom!

Motorcycle Details

Yes, you can! We have shops here that pamper you with all things lovely and beautiful. Shir Elegance will give you a beauty treatment that will give your partner an adrenaline on seeing the beauty re-emerged in you. Or head over to the Nail Bar to indulge in some fanciful nail spa that you’ve always hungered for.

And don’t forget, after a hard day’s work or simply to de-stress your overindulged body, smooched your way over to Yang Shen Tang Healthcare for that body rub-down that you so richly deserved.

Gem #3

Want Beer in a bowl!


Yes, you can!   At Shanghai Bowl you can and more if you are in the mood to sing too. Karaoke, Drinks, Chats and Friends…what more do you hanker for!

For good measure, if you are in for a bar-hopping mood, then hop over to Amy’s Bistro, or 77 Bisro & Pub, or FB Bistro to experience the different ambience and coolness these watering holes can deliver! It blurs the mind!

Gem # 4

Any Place for Coffee Aficionados & Pastries


Yes, there are!

And what better place to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee than at Sitigun…the café that puts a spring into your step as you gingerly trip your way into the heritage zone…or is it the twilight zone!

For those who simply need to whisk in and takeaway, there is Brix and Baume, a bakery extraordinaire with cakes, pastries, desserts and all the savory sweet delights that will make your meal complete. Along the same route you can also check out Mon Delice for the tiramisu cake and their specialty cakes that’s hard to come by.

And after all those feasts and festivities, you may want to drop by the Unicolor Lab to print out and capture all those magic moments you’ve experienced.


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